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» Lenghts of the slopes 350-400 m and height difference 50 m

» Lift capacity 4000 persons/h

» On main lift route: T-bar and ring lift. In addition 2 children's lift


» Freepark, (ministreet, mini-mogul and minicross)

» Children's carousel

» Free sledding hill


» Ruskopark 

» Juniorpark

Ruskotunturi features two snowparks: Ruskopark and Junnupark. These include a variety of objects and obstacles, such as rails and ramps. Both parks feature multiple lanes, from which skiers and snowboarders can choose one based on their skill level and the prevailing weather conditions.

The Junnupark section caters to both new and more experienced park skiers. The jumps are either small or medium-sized. Long and safe landing slopes have been constructed for all jumps in the Junnupark, and the tips of the take-off ramps are never too high. This enables you to practice jumping at a lower speed and, as your skills improve, you can safely land longer jumps on the extended landing slope. The rails and presses of Junnupark are either easy or intermediate. The construction takes people of all skill levels into account, allowing those who improve their skills to move on to the more challenging Ruskopark.

Ruskopark provides bigger air and more challenging rails for the more advanced enthusiasts. The jumps are built in the same pattern as in Junnupark, in order to ensure that switching to the larger park is easy and safe. The rails and presses to be added to the slope will be either intermediate or challenging. Both parks aim to take both skiers and snowboarders into account. All slopes are maintained continuously, and the Ruskotunturi park team also performs regular maintenance on the obstacles during the day. The park’s obstacle shapes and rail positions vary during the season, and customers’ wishes are taken into account in the development, where possible.

In addition, the Lastenmaa children’s section features the Freepark beginner area, which provides a great introduction to those interested in freestyle skiing and snowboarding. In Freepark, you can try your hand at a mini-mogul track, cross track, easy jumps and a small press.